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Why outsourcing?

In the recent years, many business owners and the financial controllers recognize the benefits of HR outsourcing. They appointed the external agencies to handle the time consuming tasks and what they found is that the tasks are well prepared and finished in a reliable, compliance and professional way with a predictable price. Eventually they can continue focusing on their core business.

Why payroll outsourcing works?

cost saving

Cost Saving

Lower operational and labor costs are among the primary reasons why companies choose to outsource. It allows the business to get the work done for a fraction of the price. Many companies choose outsourcing because they receive quality service at a much lower price. Sometimes, they can expect more and receive high quality service from external partner which cannot be received internally. This is a Button



Handling the payroll can be very complicated; there are lots of reports and administrative works involved. We offer flexible payroll solutions that improve the payroll process for small, medium, or large businesses. Handling the payroll can be very complicated; there are lots of reports and administrative works involved. Using our payroll outsourcing services, we can ensure your payroll needs are handled timely and error-free. It avoids the costly penalties.



A set of government forms are required to submit to related department monthly, quarterly, annually. We are expert in handling the government forms, such as the forms from FSS and DSF. The local government regulations constantly keep on changing, which always make the HR operators spending a lot of time for understanding and updating the requirements set by the government. Why don’t you find a professional team to do it?

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How to choose? Think of your business!

  • 01
  • Staff under TalentGroup Asia
  • No Special Requirement
  • It is fit for all kinds of business who want to engage local staff in Macau. We take care the employee insurance and we offers different medical plans for client's choice.
  • This solution is suitable for the company does not want to set up a business in Macau. There are several reasons for this, such as the complicated company registration process, lack of budget to set up a HR team in Macau to operate and handle the administrative works. The owner lives and works oversea. All they needed are to hire some local staff for selling their products, maintaining the systems provided to their client, or do some business in Macau for a short term. Clients are always not familiar to the Macau Labor Law and feel hard to manage the government documents from oversea. Payroll outsourcing service will be a choice for your company to operate and start their business in Macau.
  • 02
  • Staff under your company
  • Requirement
  • Macau Entity is needed
  • It is fit for the company who wants to apply work permit quota for non-local staff and run a long-term business in Macau.
  • This solution is suitable for the client who wants to develop their business in Macau in a long run. Client must have their registered business entity in Macau. The staff is under their own company. What they need is to find a consultant to take care their staff's payroll needs in Macau. As they have their own registered staff in running their business, they take advantage of this for applying the non-local labor quota in a high probability rate.

We take care the payroll needs for your staff. We are not only calculating their salary, but we guarantee all your staff's employment is under the compliance requirement offered by Macau Government.